Work it out Class-1

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Work It Out is a series of fun math activity books comprising of several mental math activities that will help in polishing your child’s math and will make them fall in love with the numeric world. Work it Out by Souvenir Publishers helps in enhancing children’s numeracy skills and encourages them to practice math and solve problems with a pool of mental math activities.

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Work it out math activity book series series for young learners includes all the activities related to mathematics such as match the following, Count and match, coloring, odd one out, counting, tracing, maze, sequence, drawing, sums, before after between, missing numbers, even odd numbers, time, color coding, greater and smaller number, shapes, word search, subtraction, patterns and much more. A program of 5 Mental Mental Maths Activity Books for 1st to 5th Class. Each book is based on the 30 Weeks of the school year, with daily mental exercise. The question are carried and they increase in complexity as the weeks progress. The Monday to Thursday exercise include a Tables section, Plus 10 other question. The Friday Tests comprise 10 Multiple choice questions broadly based on the previous day's question.

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