Open Skies English Reader Book Part-7

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There are several features in this book to make it easier to use:
• Each chapter in with instruction so that both students and teachers could know at a glance the focus and general content of the chapter.
• At the end of each chapter, the vocabulary used within has been presented with its meaning.
• Varied exercises on vocabulary, comprehension based on the chapter, listening speaking and writing have been presented at the end of every chapter.
• Questions on Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) have been presented at the end of each chapter.
• Value-based questions have been included so that the students can affirm their reasonable thought ideas.

Product Information

Open Skies 5 is a part of series of 10 English literature books carefully graded to guide the students from Nursery to Class VIII in a manner that helps them acquire confidence and ease in the use of English as a language. Open Skies English Reader Books offers not only the rudiments of literary appreciation, but also provides a gently graded initiation into the many facets of life that are important for a young mind to learn. With life lessons to instil environment friendliness in students like ‘Trees: Our Best Friends’, and ‘Flood’ to make them realise the importance of caring for nature, Open Skies 5 includes helpful text and exercises to help your wards understand the basics of English Language. Among these, you will find numerous opportunities to teach your wards the important aspects of the English language and make them culturally aware. The text for reading in OPEN SKIES English Reader include stories, anecdotes, biographies, historical episodes, folktales, real-life stories, factual writing, poems and rhymes. Texts and themes have been selected considering pluralistic ethnicities and cultures from India and abroad.

Enhance your child’s four basic skills required to learn any language with Open Skies 4 – Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. Along with improved Vocabulary and Grammar, Open Skies series by Souvenir Publishers is an educational experience as an English Reader Book for any child to have. With this English Reader series find your children immersed in a world of Poetry, Dramas, and Stories that will stimulate their minds, give them knowledge of the core value elements, like sympathy, caring for the old, animals and the environment, tolerance, etc. Open Skies English Reader book provides your wards with a wealth of experiences, ideas, and an understanding of their feelings in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. Open Skies series has a specifically developed syllabus recommended by NCERT.

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