Kids Picture book for beginners, Toddler book Set of 10 Books with a free School Bag

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The all-in-one set of kids picture book for beginners! From learning to recognize different colours, fruits and vegetables to know all about good manners., Kids’ Big Book by Souvenir Publishers has it all. Absolutely sticky-free pages with illustrative images and perfect colours. It provides an excellent understanding of shapes, numbers, sounds, body parts, animals and much more. This one collection of picture book for kids is all about transport, things, fruits and vegetables, animals, shapes etc. for 2+ years old children.

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Kids Big Book is a collection of picture book activities and the material on which they are printed on. Even if kids try to scribble on them or bite them, they won’t get spoiled! It is filled with witty, uplifting activities and brilliant illustrations, these children’s picture books are sure to become storytime favourites. The activity books are divided into multiple categories to make it easy and informative for the kids to understand the difference in things, colours, numbers, shapes etc. More from this series: Kids’ Big Book – Things Kids’ Big Book- Transport Kids’ Big Book- Fruits & Vegetables Kids’ Big Book- Animals Kids’ Big Book- Shapes Kids’ Big Book- Numbers Kids’ Big Book- Good Manners Kids’ Big Book- Colours Kids’ Big Book- Body Part Kid’s Big Book- Sounds

An introduction to Picture Based Learning – Kids learn easily through interesting pictorial representations. These Books make it easy for kids to memorise the names of Animals, Things, Body Parts Fruits, Vegetables, among other important subjects by looking at their attractive photos that have been designed keeping in mind children's psychology From recognising different colours to learning all about good manners and recognising fruit and vegetables, Kids Big Book published by Souvenir Publishers has it all The unique quotient about these books is its material. Even it kids try to scribble on them or bite them, they won't get spoiled. It provides an excellent understanding of shapes, numbers, sounds, body parts, animals, and much more. They are for long-term use and will be of great help for beginners to learn about a variety of subjects.

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