Just Phonics book for kids for 5 years (Education primary Phonics Programme Class 1st)

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Just Phonics book for kids for 5 years (Education primary Phonics Programme Class 1st) and follow the letter and Sound Sequence.
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Just Phonics provides a multi- sensory, spiral approach to learning phonics. The infant books emphasize the formation as well as the sound of each phoneme so children can recognize the specific 'shape' of each sound. Blending of CVC words is introduced as soon as half the sounds of the alphabet are known, so children can quickly begin to see how sounds combine to make words. 'Dictation is an essential element of developing literacy skills. Children learn letter-sound relationships and spellings as they write. This is dictation book for kids. Six Steps for Teaching Dictation:- 1.The teacher dictates the sentence. 2.The child repeats the sentence. 3.The child counts the number of words in the sentence. 4.The child writes the sentences. 5.The child proofreads what s/he wrote. 6.The teacher writes the sentences on the board, focusing on one word at a time so that children can correct their work. Self-correction, where children begin to notice and correct their errors, is key in dictation.

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