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Information Technology for 10th graders by Souvenir publishers has been specially curated for your child while keeping the main objective to reduce the habit of cramming and strengthen the understanding level of students. While designing the Information Technology series, a lot of efforts have been put into giving each theoretical concept a practical shape, so get your hands on the Information technology 10th grade book by Souvenir publishers to sharpen your child’s knowledge and skills in the easiest way.

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Learning a computer is all about putting theory into practical use, but to even understand theory it requires a lot of creativity and imaginative skills. Information Technology for 10th graders by Souvenir Publishers offers a vast experience in the field of computer education with step by step interactive series for your budding Cyber beans. This Information Technology- 10th grade series caters to the latest trends and innovative teaching methodologies, from basics of coding languages to learning the nitty gritties, this series provides all the practical information in one location.

Ideal for Class 10 students, Information technology by Souvenir Publishers is one of the foundation chapters of Information Technology textbook which contains simple language for your budding cyber beans. Following the syllabus and guidelines, this book has chapters which move from basics to intermediate to advance to make your child learn the nitty gritties of information technology. From schematic representation of data, graphs and other pictorial information which will help the students to memorise the concepts easily, this book is best for your child. Happy learning!

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